How To Use (Earnings)

At MASSIVE, your contributions towards the repository/ecosystem are valued and rewarded through multiple channels:


Engage in activities like uploading and labeling data, or reviewing submissions. Earn daily tokens from the CS2E pool for your relevant contributions. (e.g. Media data uploading and labeling activities upon passing reviews, Reviewing activities that fall in the quorum and deemed as diligent)

Crowdsource-to-Earn (CS2E)

Quest Bounty

Additionally to the rewards from the CS2E Pool, participate in various quests and receive rewards allocated in the quest-specific bounty pool.

Quest Bounty

Data Transaction

Every time your uploaded data is purchased, you receive a the sales proceeds(Sale price less transaction tax).

Data Transaction

Tax Sharing

The transaction tax is redistributed back to several pools to recapture platform and repository value back to the various stakeholders in a sustainable and scalable way.

Transaction Tax Sharing

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