Welcome to MASSIVE! We're a community, platform, and ecosystem where anyone can contribute to AI's future.

MASSIVE is a pioneering Crowdsource2Earn AI training dataset marketplace, where anyone can upload image/audio/video, label data, and review submissions to earn and also continuously sell those data. Users are rewarded with tokens for transforming everyday data into valuable training datasets and fueling the Next-Gen AI.

Users can earn $MSV tokens by contributing to the data repository, and all you need is access to internet! These tokens can be spent within the MASSIVE ecosystem, enabling seamless data transactions.

MASSIVE's mission is to evolve into the world’s most meaningfully scaled data library, built along with millions and billions of collective intelligence and efforts. This initiative is set to redefine the relationship between humans and AI technology, creating a virtuous relationship where people drive AI advancement and AI technologies enrich our lives with unparalleled benefits.

Please note: MASSIVE is currently under the pilot service phase. The content of this document may be subject to future updates.

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