Uploading Data

  1. Select Quest: Go to Upload tab and select quest

  2. Upload: Upload media data by taking photo / recording audio / recording video, and add proper label data.

  3. Upload Rewards: Your review-accepted data will earn CS2E rewards, bounty rewards, and reputation score. Review-declined data will result in declined reputation score.

  4. Available in Repository/Marketplace: Also, your contributions are not just for one-time rewards; your submissions are also made available on our data marketplace for data buyers, generating recurring sale proceeds for every purchase.

Remember, the content you upload should be original and free from copyright or data protection issues(ex. uploading other person's works, including other people's faces without model release). MASSIVE is a facilitator, providing you a platform to share and monetize your submissions responsibly. MASSIVE reserves the right to monitor and disqualify/revoke accounts of users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities.

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