Referral Rewards

User Referral $MSVC Bonus

Join our Early Bird Community and amplify your impact with MASSIVE’s Referral Rewards! Engage your network and enjoy mutual benefits - for every referee you bring onboard, both you and your referee each receive 100 $MSVC as a welcome bonus.

How to

As a referee

  1. Complete sign up.

  2. At first login, use a Referral Code while filling in the basic profile.

  1. Make first upload and earn 100 $MSVC Referral Bonus! Also enjoy Transaction Tax Sharing benefits on top of this one-time bonus.

As a referrer

  1. Your own referral code will be created after profile completion (Home/Dashboard > Account).

  1. Invite friends and contribute to growing MASSIVE community.

  2. Earn 100 $MSVC referral bonus for every referee's first upload.

Note: One person or entity may create no more than one Account. MASSIVE reserves the right to monitor and disqualify/revoke accounts of users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities, including but not limited to registering multiple accounts from the same IP or device.

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