CS2E Rewards


ClassificationToken Amount% of Total Supply




Retrieval from Tax

30.0% of Tax Collected


Crowdsource-to-Earn(CS2E) system is a virtuous cycle of the MASSIVE ecosystem reinforcing itself as a hyper-scale dataset repository. With the largest proportion of token allocated, crowdsource users - the most essential and engaged community members - will account for a substantial ownership to the MASSIVE ecosystem.

Crowdsource users can earn $MSV from:

  • Uploading media data

  • Adding label data to such media data

  • Adding label data to media data uploaded by other users

  • Reviewing media and label data uploaded by other users

In addition to CS2E, a user retrieves $MSV that data buyer(s) paid for the data the user uploaded. Also, upon meeting the buyer's request/requirements, there could be opportunities to earn additional $MSV from crowdsource activities.

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