Leaderboard Campaign

MASSIVE Pilot Leaderboard Campaign

We've prepared another exciting campaign for our early bird users, a Leaderboard Campaign based on MASSIVE Pilot engagement. We've set aside a reward pool of $3,000+ USDC and exclusive $MSVC bonuses as an additional benefits for our most active participants!

Your reputation score, reflecting your dedication and contribution, determines your rank on the dynamic leaderboard. The rewards will be distributed at the end of MASSIVE Pilot Program. So hop on early, contribute passionately, and watch as your efforts grow!

Leaderboard Rewards Table (Monthly)



50 $USDC

1.75x $MSVC Earned


40 $USDC

1.75x $MSVC Earned


30 $USDC

1.6x $MSVC Earned


20 $USDC

1.6x $MSVC Earned


15 $USDC

1.5x $MSVC Earned


10 $USDC

1.4x $MSVC Earned



1.25x $MSVC Earned



1.15x $MSVC Earned

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