• Mobile environment is recommended for upload activities

  • Data purchase available from web

  • Wallet Guide for users who are not yet familiar with cryptocurrency or Solana Network

Crowdsource Guide

Refer to How to Use (Crowdsource) for more detailed guide

  • Upload: Take photo, record audio, record video, and add label accordingly

  • Label: Add additional label to the underlabeled data

  • Review: Cross-review submissions by other users

Earnings Guide

Refer to How to Use (Earnings) for more detailed guide. All tokens are distributed on a daily basis.

  • CS2E: Rewards distributed universally to all relevant crowdsource activities

  • Quest Bounty: Rewards distributed to relevant submissions to the quest

  • Data Sales: Proceeds for every purchase of the data you uploaded less transaction tax

User Guide

  • User should carefully read quest descriptions and understand that the user is responsible for disadvantages from not following the quest guidelines

  • Users should not engage in below activities, and such activities could lead to account suspension

    • Uploads that infringe intellectual property of others

      • Capturing copyrighted materials

      • Including subjects without Model and Property Releases

    • Malicious activities

      • Uploading irrelevant contents that are hateful, profane, or obscene

      • Activities that infringe on the personal information of others

      • Engaging in other abnormal activities that go against social conventions

    • Other prohibited activities opposed to Terms of Service

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