Features To Come

Mobile Application

Application on iOS / Android for seamless crowdsource experience

In-app Wallet

In-app wallet tailored for MASSIVE experience and to offer wider accessibility to users

In-app Decentralized Exchange

Swap Exchange to support easy trades and conversion of $MSV with $SOL and stablecoins

Buyer's Console

Enhanced dataset repository/marketplace portal for buyers

Improved accessibility for smaller buyers including individual-level data scientists/engineers

Bounty Console

Where buyers and data experts can manage crowdsource quests and guides along with bounty service. Also, a new channel for general users to contribute in a form of quest creation.

Soft Cap basis Quest Bounty

Make available the quests that more entries can be made unlike the hard-capped quests that were available in the pilot service to provide both the users and the demand-side with wider crowdsourcing opportunities.

AI/ML-powered Assistance for Crowdsourcing

Enhanced data crowdsourcing and processing to improve scalability and authenticity of the repository.

Staking & Burning

$MSV lock-up on-chain for a specified period in exchange for governance power in the proposals. After the lock-up period ends and the locked position is closed, the amount of MSV is released to the owner's Wallet and is once again transferable.

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